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Mrs. Rodriguez`s 3rd Grade  

*Remind 101

I use Remind 101 as a way to keep in contact with parents.  It is a quick and easy way for me to send messages to my entire class or to individual parents.  You will need a specific code to join my class.  You may either join through your cellphone or if you do not have text messaging you can join through an email account.   If you have not yet joined my Remind 101 class, please do so!  Don't get left out of class information!  Join now!



ClassDojo is a way to track behavior in my classroom and within the school.  This app creates a monster avatar for each child, which students can change.  Students will earn positive points for doing things such as staying on task, participating in class discussions, doing all homework, perseverance, helping others, etc.  Students will also recieve a negative point by doing such things as not completing all homework, not practicing self-control in all areas of the school, being disrespectful to others, not trying their best in class, etc.

This is a great tool to keep you informed of how your child's day is going.  I love this app because it is another way to keep in contact with each other and it gives you an opportunity to praise your child for doing their best in school.  Feel free to message me at any time through this app as well!   I will check my messages daily.  If you have not yet joined ClassDojo please do so! 

Please let me know if you want me to send home information again of how to join these programs.