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Supply List 

Fifth Grade Supply List

Back To School Supply List                 5th Grade


-1 two-pocket folder

-1 single subject composition books for Math (3 holes, NOT a marble composition book)

-1 ½ inch binder

-Loose leaf notebook paper

-Glue sticks (many to last throughout the year)

-Zippered pencil pouch (not pencil boxes)


Reading / Language Arts:           Science/Social Studies

-2-one subject notebooks -2 Marble notebooks

-1-marble notebook (for journaling) -Glue sticks to last all year

-1-Two pocket folder (to store papers/homework) -5x7 lined index cards (100 pack)

-Notebook paper -10 Quart sized Ziploc bags

-Colored pencils -Colored fine point magic markers to

-Scissors take notes with

-Glue sticks (to last all year) -Loose leaf paper

-Red checking pens -Colored Sharpies  (2-3)

-*No lead pencils*

General items to be used in all classes:

-#2 pencils or mechanical pencils- no decorative wrapping that damage sharpeners

-Ink pens


-Colored pencils

-1 Homework Assignment  Pad /Planner/Calendar to write homework assignments (We do use the remind phone/text system to send out assignments, but a planner/calendar is needed if your child will be writing down their assignments



Wish List for homerooms:


-Hand sanitizer

-Packs of white copy paper

-Ziploc bags (sandwich and gallon sizes)

-1 bag of individually wrapped candy

****Each student will need a pair of earbuds to use throughout the day in the classes.  Please make sure they are earbuds and not headphones due to size and storage issues.  Thanks!**