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Summer Tips  

Ideas for Summer 

Prepare yourself to beat the "Summer Fallback" by doing the following:

*Make time to R E A D yes, READ

*Visit the public library

*Get a chapter book - read a chapter or two here and there until you finish the book

*Checkout a few short picture books for your parent to read to you before falling asleep

*Or you could even read the short book to your parent before going to sleep 


Get a head start on your MULTIPLICATION FACTS 

*Start with your 2's, 5's and 10's 

*Have your parent teach you the rules for the 0's and 1's

0 x a number will always equal 0

1 x a number will always equal the number other than 1

*Memorize, memorize, memorize!

*Have an adult quiz you in the car, while preparing dinner, while riding bikes, while going for a walk together, etc.